First Time Blogger! How?

Not everyone who are good at what they suddenly just become that good.  Even Michael Jordan for example had to start somewhere, get his hands on that basketball for the very first time until he became The GOAT! “Greatest Of All Time”.  A simple analogy to almost everything we can think of doing.  Blogging is no exception, but wait! What is “Blog”? What does it mean? Alright, guess what, I Googled it (saved you some time). It was an abbreviation for “weblog” in the 1990s, a verb that means “add new material to” or “to maintain” or “to express or write about of a blog”.  So, we took English classes during our school years or if you are still in school, bet you guys got English class. That’s a good foundation, you know.. grammars, spellings, quotations etc. You just need to express yourself in your own style like you are talking to a friend. You talk from the heart, say what you mean and mean what you say with something to back it up.


So, we got the meaning, what’s next? Well, what is your REASON is the question you should be asking yourself. Money? Express yourself about whatever… Help people out.. Make a difference… Business online..  There are a whole lot of people who made a living….. a good living out of Blogging. If you have the passion, nothing is impossible. So, know your reason, understand why you want to do this to become good at it. Expect to fail, that is perfectly alright! But failing with the same thing over and over again is a problem. That means we are not learning…


  • A. Domain – Since we are doing Blogs online, so we will need a website.  A website is like a real-estate property, it will need an address which is a Domain… your, .net, .org whatever.  Then once you have your Adress (Domain) you have to register it thru Web Host Company. It’s like the County where your house is registered to. Domain name is critical, so think of something catchy, it will be your Brand. It’s a business name, picture it like it will be embroidered in your Apparel or Clothing lines.
  • B. Hosting – its like a lot on a land where your house will be built.  Alright! think about the domain name that you will run with your blogs. Then we can build your website (House) on a webhost (Lot).  Once you got those two things (Domain, Hosting), I’ll guide you on a quick tutorial on a separate blog (here) to build your website (your House) and how you want your house (Website) to look like. It’s like designing your house interior and exterior, paint job and how you want it to function.


Enter your desired (FREE) domain name below to check availability. This is your home address.  


If your desired domain name is taken, don’t be discourage… try some variations on the name itself and the .XXX (.com, .org, .info etc).  You’ll get a free domain name if you purchase your hosting here at a very low cost at a premium hosting company. It’s like one vanilla latter you given up in a month. You will accomplish both domain and host here.

Those two (Domain Name & Hosting) are the main requirements to build your Blog Website.  Now, to build a website is like building a house, we will need to design it, plan it’s architecture, the interiors and exteriors, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, garage etc. In web designing, it’s easy. I will have a step by step tutorial for as if I am walking you by hand, spoon feeding information all the way through from A to Z and get your first Blog Website up and running in no time. I will not promise you that, I guarantee it.

  • C. WordPress – We will use WordPress to build your website which is like a builder of your house. It is a power-packed open source tool to create your site and it is absolutely free… gratis!  The goal here is to build a professional looking website that will create that first impression, dress to impress kind’a thing.. it will build trust as well cause you’re legit. Some people who don’t want to pay a little bit of change just settle for those third party free platforms, however, you don’t own it, they do and I don’t recommend it. Your address is suffixed to their main address like I don’t like it and not sure if you will like too if you want to show ownership. WordPress is so easy to use, it is now powering up almost 100 Million websites in the planet. You have full control and ownership of your house.
  • D. Theme – This is the fun part! Theme is like an Interior Designer, Exterior Designer and Landscaper combined to one.  There are thousands of WordPress Themes to choose from.  Below are the top of the line WordPress Themes that I highly recommend.


Just type the following Themes below on the search:

      1. Flatsome Theme
      2. GraceThemes
      3. Divi Theme
      4. Avada Theme
      5. Thrive Theme
  • E. Logo – This is optional for now for your blog website. You can just use just the domain name itself. One example is mine, just picture it without my little circle logo, you will be good to go. If you will need a logo designed for you, I can help you with that. Send me a message on my website


When your website is up and running, creating a post is easy.  On your WordPress site admin access, you just create new post, it’s like opening up word document or a notepad in a page form in your site and start drafting your article, posting images, attaching links, etc. There are things you need to consider to create a successful blogs.  If you are doing an affiliate marketing, you’ll write a blog about your niche. A niche is like a category of your choice, for example: home improvements, pets, fitness, technology, gadgets and the list goes on.  You want to promote a particular product you want promote. A quick tip to get on top of the search engines like google (of course). Google has  a tool called Good AdWords. On a nutshell, Google AdWords tells you what are the keywords the people actually enter in the search block. We are talking about what thousands or millions of people entering these key words, google AdWords will reveal you all that. Then you develop your blog around those key words and eventually, your blog will likely to show on the first page of the google search results. It’s like a search engine optimization (which is a different animal to get to know about). You have to create rich contents to get on top of the search results. When you get on the top result, you’ll get more traffic on your site, people will enjoy your blog and take your recommendations. If you are affiliate marketer, you’ll get commissions every time you turn your blog readers to a paying customers.


Let’s face it, google search is an one of the tools to get people to see your blogs. However, you must not rely on it solely as it is so saturated, condensed with all people across the globe that perhaps created a similar blogs. So, you have to exhaust all your resources to spread the word. Over time, your blog will build up, grow popular and it will be on orbit from there on, you don’t have to do as much. Keep sharing it to build your audience in any shape or form and grow your brand.


This is another critical aspect of your Blog Website. Obviously, we want our blog article to be read by hundreds, thousands or maybe millions of readers across the globe. That is absolutely possible.  Your website will have a plugin or a form to collect email subscribers. They will get notified every time you post a new blog on your website. Post it in your social media accounts, your followers to see. We have to start somewhere, your blog is more like planting a seed, nourish it and it will grow to become a huge tree that will bear fruits for you over and over and over again.

  • CAPTURE LEADS – You have to create or build a single webpage which termed as “Lead Capture Page. You have to know how your website is doing with precise statistics. I recommend one of the top capture pages softwares on the globe and it’s called Clickfunnels. This is the fastest and quickest way to sell products that you are promoting online, you ‘ll need a global audience.

Sign-up here for a free ClickFunnels Trial



Your Blog Website can easily turn to a money making business and it will come naturally. Just follow the steps above and you’ll make money over and over again.  It’s not going to happen overnight, it will require some investment on your end. You invest time and spend a few bucks here and there and that’s for a reason.  I have to emphasize that getting those Capture Leads and Email Leads will expedite your business success for instance, Affiliate Marketing. You created your Blog full of valuable contents, your audience will love it and will be willing to pull their cards out and purchase the item you are selling or promoting to which you are affiliated to and make commissions.


If you gonna do it, do it with the WILL to succeed. Success will come not come to you, you have to go for it. Doing a lot of research is good, but those are bits and pieces of information that you have to put together and hopefully, it’ll come together but there’s a lot of room for mistakes. You must take the right move.

Closing up… 

Thank you for taking your time in reading my blog… I hope this somewhat somehow help out and open up your mind and take action and make a difference.  You cannot expect a different result if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.  Let me know what you think in the comments below, ask me anything, I will be very happy to hear that and interact with you. If you believe and feel that there’s some value out of this article,  please share it with your friends.  Thank you.


Best of Luck!,